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Diagnose subclinical mastitis
with QScout® MLD test.

Decision-making powered by reliable, real-time data.

QScout MLD delivers a clear positive or negative quarter-level dignosis that is reliable – and actionable. Print or save the group report or analyze in QStats, a secure online portal.

News that counts.

What is Subclinical Mastitis?

Subclinical mastitis infections are those that don’t cause any visible changes in milk or udder appearance. These infections reduce milk production, decrease milk quality, and suppress reproductive performance. The estimated loss in milk production due to subclinical mastitis is more than 1,500 pounds per cow.

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accurate diagnoses
every time.

A stark contrast to dated mastitis tests.

> MLD vs. CMT findings

Ensure more precise use of antibiotics.

Accurate diagnostic data inform appropriate treatment protocols. Using QScout MLD diagnoses to guide selective dry cow therapy can reduce the use of antibiotics by 59%.

> Reduce treatment expenses when using QScout MLD at dryoff

Act before losses occur.

Monitoring animals at key points in lactation with
QScout MLD allows you to quickly respond to infection, minimizing
mammary gland damage and the spread of pathogens, and
maximizing milk production.

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