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Measure and predict
BRD risk in seconds.

News that counts.

AAD hosts recent Academy of Vet Consultants breakfast to share QScout BLD data.

"(QScout) chute-side diagnostic testing shows considerable promise for improving health while reducing costs and antibiotic use with more targeted treatment."

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Make informed chute-side animal health decisions.
Increase treatment accuracy and efficiency.

QScout BLD test enables chute-side
animal health decisions.


To conduct the test, a single drop of blood is taken using a QDraw™  collection device and transferred to a QScout BLD test slide. QScout Cattle Lab, located near the chute, analyzes the test to deliver the calf’s health diagnosis in about 35 seconds. Its rapid results enable you to plan appropriate interventions, increase treatment accuracy, ensure more precise use of antibiotics and improve animal health outcomes.

QScout BLD Field test results:

A recent field test at an Oklahoma backgrounder on high risk cattle demonstrated that antibiotic usage could be cut nearly in half on arrival by selectively treating animals based on QScout® BLD test results compared to traditional metaphylaxis with no significant difference through 42 days on feed in:

  • Treatment rate

  • Mortality rate

  • Average daily gain

QScout BLD Resources

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